Essay about disadvantages of co-education

So money is everything if we learn how to use the money for human development. What a wise and good parent would desire for his own children, that a nation must desire for all children.

No human can survive without food and water, which are also purchased only with money. In the present condition peoples are thinking for only money, how to we get. This has been done in certain rural schools with marked success.

These things give us to very happiness and everything, not money. But the child is not only an organism with biological needs; he is also a member of the human family.

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They will not regard girls as strange creatures. It will best serve, in the long run, both the children and the general cause of education, if it develops its own virtues to the best of its power, and refuses to be distracted from its special task by an anxiety, however natural, to make certain that its pupils do themselves justice in an examination.

The way we use it it plays a good role in our life. They apprehend that if boys and girls study together, the possibility of their developing immoral relationship cannot be ruled out.

In the secondary school, which is designed for children over eleven, that which may more properly be emphasised is the first, not the second. We do not pretend to have made startling discoveries or to have enunciated novel truths.

Professor Burt drew in his evidence a moving picture of the effect of a squalid environment not only on physical, but also, [page xix] if the two can be distinguished, on mental energy.

On the preparation of the teachers for their profession, which is discussed in Chapter VIII, it is not necessary for us at this point to dwell. June 18 global regents thematic essay, haben debessay ikea hours, student loans essays sphingosylphosphorylcholine synthesis essay.

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He felt that coeducation was the only method to make both men and women useful members of society. Which is possible when we earn money. It can also gives you self satisfied feel. Plato ,the Greek philosopher, believed that co-education helped in the development of personality of both men and women and created a feeling of comradeship among them.

They work hard to remain ahead of one another. They played and studied together. He has been a member since Co-education generates a spirit of healthy competition among boys and girl.

Essay on “Co-education” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

They were not segregated from each other. Nor are we concerned to elaborate in detail the precise procedure to be deduced from these premises. Raja Rammohan Roy, a great social reformer and scholar, fought against this practice and succeeded in his mission.

Money plays vital role in present world. It must, however, be noted that some reservations are also there and even in a country like England, exclusive schools for girls are now being set up.

I m not saying that money is every thing. Bodily poise and balance, a habit of natural and expressive motion - these qualities are not merely physical accomplishments which add grace to life, but are intimately connected with intelligence and character.

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The boys stayed in Gurukuls, for whole educational period. The head teachers of all primary schools, however small, should be certificated, and the employment of uncertificated teachers as assistants should be reduced to the lowest point possible. The hackneyed morality of the medieval ages should not be allowed to stand in the way of the progress of our youth who are the future citizens of India.

Subjects are not independent entities, but divisions within the general field of knowledge, whose boundaries move, and should move, backwards and forwards. Moreover there are lot of China Pakistan economic corridor benefits which we can just imagine for this time.

Both boys and girls. Jay cutler josh mccown comparison essay Jay cutler josh mccown comparison essay agzoum sidi essay chevy. We take this opportunity of thanking our witnesses for the valuable evidence which they put before us, and also all those other organisations and persons whose names will be found in Appendix IB who were good enough to furnish us with memoranda, specimen syllabuses of work, statistics and other data bearing on our inquiry.

God has bestowed the land of Pakistan with lot of treasures and blessings while Chine knows how to utilize these blessings in the right way to get benefited the human beings. Co-education institutions help in laying the foundation for both the genders to learn how to co-exist with respect and dignity.

Here are the few points that explain the advantages of the co-education system. 1.

594 Words Essay on Advantages and Disadvantages of Co- Education

Develops mutual respect: Co-education allows both the genders to mingle with each other and to know how to co-exist with respect. Co-education is normal for western societies but it is a topic of great debate in Muslim countries.

The perspective about co-education may be different in different cultures but handling both males and females together and educating them is a challenge for many institutes worldwide. #lrt did an essay about lack of government spending on social uplifting in communities, specifically urban, projects, etc.

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Words Essay on Advantages and Disadvantages of Co- Education Article shared by In ancient times, co-education was prevalent in Sparta, a city-state of Greece.

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Essay about disadvantages of co-education
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