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Milk is something that it can never say no to. It guards our house at night. It saw the danger we were in. Jack is so much healthy and playful. Besides a number of sparrows and pigeons, a few cats also came and drank water from that bowl quite often.

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I like him very much. It runs after hares, foxes, jackals and other small animals and overtakes them. Molly also loves having milk. It has a small, round face and a snub nose.

Essay on My Pet Cat

He keeps me company when I go for a walk. We brought it home and since then it has been my best friend. She creeps into a quiet corner in our house when some unfamiliar person arrives. My mother especially goes to the market twice a week to get fresh fish for my adorable cat.

We have a separate set of combs, brushes, shampoo and soaps for Rosie. When I take it out, I mostly carry it in my arms to protect it from the dirt and dust outside that may cause allergy. I always thought that I would pet a couple of cats when I grow old.

It has been with us for over four years now. It runs at an incredible speed. Ive lost three thousand dollars.

Once a fire broke out in our house at midnight. Tarzan is a clean dog and never spoils the house. He was a great canine lover. When my friend gave her to me, she was four months old. I had always loved cats dearly and often expressed my wish to pet one. Tarzan loves to eat bread, meat and drink milk.

It helps me track the game.

Essay writing my pet animal dog

She did not take long to mingle with me and my family members. I found him wondering in our neighborhood. Yet I keep praying to God to let it be with me forever. I love playing with it.

It looked like a soft black ball and was so cute. My parents regularly take him to the vet to have him de-wormed once in three months.

The thieves are afraid of it. It barks when it sees a stranger. But no stranger can approach our house as he is so ferocious in his barking. My Pet descriptive essay writing tips: Its colour is black and on a dark night, it looks to be a mysterious figure while loitering and jumping in the courtyard of our house.

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It licks my feet. He is my best buddy and makes me laugh all the time. It has been five years that Brenda has been with us and we have not faced any uncanny experience as we should have going by the myths. Conclusion Misty gelled along well almost immediately with me as well as my family members.

Each day a new construct. It pulled my quilt and woke me up. It led me to the kitchen. To my great horror, I found that a heap of dry fuel lying there was all ablaze and the flames were rising to the ceiling, at once, roused from sleep other members of the house. My Pet Dog My buddy, pet, and wildest friend, is the muse to my descriptive essay.

My bulldog, Bibson, has been with my family for 3 years now and is striking in many ways that are amazing and interesting. Descriptive Essay on My Pet. My pet is a dog named Tipsy. Tipsy is an adorable brown dog that has a few black spots spread across his body and tail. My Pet descriptive essay writing tips: Since this is a description essay, one is supposed to describe the unique characteristics of one’s favorite pet which in this case is a dog.

Since most. Essays; My Pet Dog; My Pet Dog Having a pet of your own is one of life’s greatest pleasures. A pet gives us love and affection that we so deeply desire in our lives.

Among pets the most popular is the dog.

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Dog has been man’s best friend for ages and there is no animal which is as faithful and sincere as a dog.

We will write a custom. My Pet descriptive essay writing tips: Since this is a description essay, one is supposed to describe the unique characteristics of one’s favorite pet which in this case is a dog. Since most dogs have a name, it is prudent that one begins this description by providing the name of the dog followed by the species to which the dog belongs.

This essay is about animals as pets and the opposing and conflicting views. Many people think that pets are too much of a responsibility, as they require food, walked on a .

Essay writing about my pet
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