Essays about an individuals mentor

Then the mentor sought to know why he took another career direction. Students are more likely to learn successfully if teaching is planned in a way that addresses individual student's need and interest that is within their ability as suggested by humanistic approach Hinchliff This is a serious issue since group interaction and sharing of ideas is an important part of learning and personality development which the e-learning students would not receive.

I feel that the education system in the schools and the media are responsible for this. The mentor has to predetermine the standards and benchmarks against which he or she evaluates for objectives achievement and effectiveness of the advice given.

Is this a positive or negative development. Medical Education; 36 4 pp Another point is that students doing distance education do not get the opportunity to meet their teachers and get guidance from them. Yet another reason is the rise in global temperature which has led to unusual climates, forests fires, melting of arctic ice cap and warming of oceans.

Others strategies mentor can develop their mentoring qualities is by attending organizational training, receiving institutional support and undertaking professional development by attending courses and further educational training as well as receiving support from manager whenever they are available Wikes To begin with the mentor noted that the mentee had surpassed the target.

The hope is that mentoring will deter negative outcomes such as drug use, teen pregnancy, college drop-out, and academic failure while simultaneously encouraging alternative positive behaviors. From middle childhood to adolescence the primary developmental issues involve learning how to cultivate healthy peer relationships, master academic challenges, and develop a sense of personal responsibility Erikson, ; Spencer, in press.

To sum up, people tend to have large number of people as friends online, but this is not a good trend as it can produce some negative effects. The mentee mentioned that he was happy to be able to go back to school but feared that there was going to be a repeat of what had happened previously. They are well respected and regarded by their colleagues and students look up to them Walsh It ena theory, a great deal of socialization occur in clinical environment as well as student learning.

Such an arrangement is good for the family as the wife gets a higher salary. For intervention studies, mentoring had to be the sole or primary intervention e. Also, in times of emergencies like earthquakes or outbreak of any communicable diseases, it would lead to serious problems if a country does not have adequate number of hospitals.

It gives an opportunity to discuss issues with other mentor. I would say the primary trust in mentor relationships would be Knowledge-Based Trust. This essay will further analyze on role modeling, as an enabling trait in mentoring, as well different theoretical aspects underpinning the facilitating and assessment of learning.

Table 1 lists the six broad categories of outcomes examined. They were all advised accordingly and for the first time he felt free to talk to his peers.

It ena theory, a great deal of socialization occur in clinical environment as well as student learning. A good mentor knows where to start and has a deep understanding of the problem at hand based on his or her past experiences and the wealth of knowledge he has Eigenmann, He also mentioned that he feared that the father might not support his decision but that morning he actually gave him his full support.

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A solution to the problem of criminals reoffending would be for the authorities to overhaul the prison system and offer several avenues for the criminals to change. They look at themselves as someone who is still learning but are willing to share their knowledge.

If education is made free, it would cost a great deal of money, which most governments, especially those in the developing nations, would find it hard to afford. There are others who were indifferent. Either through management realizing you are not an effective leader or demotion because the company does not allow for political backstabbing.

It is often seen that as people become richer and richer, they tend to give less importance to relationships and focus more on enjoying life. Having the knowledge of the above theory will enable mentors to structure their teaching to facilitate effective learning Murray and Main Nurse Education Today; 18 pp.

The area covered during the course work about the organisation which implementing coaching and mentoring in their respective fields were leadership style, management, learning, emotional intelligence, ethics, culture, diversity, coaching and mentoring process, motivation, barriers, roles and responsibilities of mentor and coach.

3 Individuals to Turn to for High School Mentorship find a great mentor?" Here are three individuals to turn to first. have the best biology majors or especially rigorous writing programs.


I believe that most mentoring relationships are created so that the mentor can share their knowledge to the mentee and they establish a trust in that type of relationship so that the Mentor can provide the knowledge they have learned.

I believe in order for a mentor program to be successful there should be a formal type of structure with support from all levels of management. I believe that employees who are going into the mentoring program as either Mentees or Mentors should also be motivated individuals who choose to participate and not instructed to [ ].

Mentoring & Coaching Mentoring definition Mentoring is the process of developing an individual or group, through guidance and giving advice. There is no age restriction between the mentee and mentor.

Mentoring can have multiple purposes for our organisation as support the talent management process, enabling personal and professional development of individuals, support career planning and development process, offering knowledge transfer and guidance from more experienced colleague to a less experienced one.

Essays about an individuals mentor
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